What it is - How a session will go.
Hypno Fetish or Erotic Hypnosis - is in most ways no different then a standard hypnosis session except it is used to help heighten and
achieve sensual, kinky, sexual and fantasy results as well as to get past sexual traumas, hang-ups and release sexual tension.
So in other words I help you to achieve your sexual fantasies through hypnosis to achieve a happier sex life.

With the use of relaxation techniques, visualization, affirmations, and sound therapy, I can help you reach your sexual fantasies, help you to create a better sexual relationship, help you to get over hang-ups related to traumas and live out your sexual desires.

These are a non-touch sessions.
All sessions are video recorded for safety and security for all parties and can be held either in my office or in your home for comfort and security.

The Induction - How we begin.
Just like any other hypnosis session we will begin by getting the mind and body relaxed. I will play some light music and light a candle for ambiance. I will then begin to relax you through verbal and visual techniques.

The Deepening – A little deeper now.
You will now be given suggestions to increase the relaxation feeling and take you to the next level of hypnosis.

Hypnotic Suggestion – The main script. Now we will began to get to the root of the session.
Depending on what we are working on or exploring to give you suggestions of where in your mind to go, feel and see. 
I will now began to give you verbal and non-verbal cues on what to see, feel do or to release from your life. 
This is when the work or fun begin, as we explore your mind to help you to become the perfect you that has always been inside of you.

Post Hypnotic Suggestions – Homework.
Now we are just about finished and we can now reprogram the mind to continue with these changes or add other information to help you make the changes you want in your life as well as give you verbal cues so you can return to this state quicker in the future.

Awakening – Time to come back to reality.
I will now count you back into the real world with trigger words and visualization techniques bringing you back feeling refreshed and remembering anything you want to.

Jeffrey Poe CH – is not a doctor or licensed psychotherapist and does not diagnose or prescribe any medications as well as these sessions are considered for self learning and entertainment purposes only.